Youth Firearm Safety Classes in Westland, MI

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Youth Firearm Safety Classes

Youth Firearm Safety Class

Welcome to Firing Line’s Youth Firearm Safety Classes! As responsible gun owners and educators, our gun shop employees understand the importance of teaching our youth proper firearm handling and safety. With this in mind, our two-hour course is specifically designed for young individuals aged 11-17 who are eager to learn about shooting, handling, and range etiquette.

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Class Overview

Our Youth Firearm Safety Classes here at Firing Line are structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of firearm safety. Our experienced instructors will cover essential topics such as safe handling, loading and unloading procedures, shooting techniques, and proper range etiquette. We believe in instilling a deep respect for firearms and emphasizing the importance of safety at all times.

Hands-On Experience

During the class, participants will have the opportunity to put their newfound knowledge into practice at our firing range. Each student will shoot 50 rounds of .22lr ammunition under the guidance of our instructors, allowing them to apply the skills they have learned in class. This practical experience helps reinforce safe handling practices and builds confidence in shooting abilities.

Range Card

Upon successful completion of our firearm classes, every participant will receive a range card. This card grants them the privilege to shoot on our range under the supervision of a responsible adult. We believe in empowering our young students with the skills
and knowledge needed to handle firearms safely and responsibly.

Small Class Size

To ensure a personalized and effective learning experience, our Youth Firearm Safety Classes are limited to a class size of 10 students. This small group setting allows our instructors to provide individualized attention and guidance to each participant, enhancing the learning process and maximizing safety.

Enroll your child in our Youth Firearm Safety Classes at Firing Line

Don’t wait any longer to enroll your child in our Youth Firearm Safety Classes at Firing Line. Just contact us today to sign up and secure a spot for your young shooter. We’re committed to promoting a culture of safety and responsibility among youth shooters, and we look forward to helping your child develop the skills they need to enjoy shooting sports safely. So come join us at Firing Line, and have your child embark on a journey towards safe and responsible firearm handling.

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