Concealed Carry Licenses in Westland, MI

This class meets the training requirements and qualifications for your Michigan CPL. This all-in-one-day course at our firing range includes the shooting and testing qualification, walk out the same day with your certificate in hand to get your CPL.


  • Developing a Personal and Home Protection Plan
  • Self-Defense Firearms Basics
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Gear and Gadgets
  • The Legal Use of Force
  • Violent Encounters and the Aftermath
  • Basic and Advanced Skills


Other topics covered: Personal Safety, Handgun Safety, Handgun Fundamentals, Handgun Operation, Handgun Selection, Physiological Reactions to Violent Encounters

Michigan C.P.L Class

Michigan Concealed Pistol License
$ 99
  • Eye & Ear Protection Included
  • Certificate of Completion
Over 1 million students have taken the U.S. Concealed Carry Association’s course offerings across the nation. Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals is a comprehensive classroom course for anyone considering owning or carrying a firearm for self-defense. If you are new to handguns, this is a great introduction to everything you need to know to start your self-protection journey. This course is a complete guide to understanding the basics of firearms ownership, safety, and nomenclature, and how it applies to home- or self-defense. After this class, students will feel confident to act as their family’s first line of defense in the event of a home invasion or other critical incident. If you’re looking for gun sales and repairs, or looking to obtain your conceal carry license in Westland, MI, check out the Firing Line today!

Concealed Carry Permits

Our conceal and carry classes meet the qualifications and training requirements you will need for your Michigan CPL. Our class is a one-day course that includes both testing and shooting. You can walk out the very same day with your certificate in your hand. We also offer ladies-only concealed pistol licensing courses!

Our Course Lessons Include

  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Basic & Advanced Skills
  • Self-Defense Firearms Basics
  • Developing a Personal & Home Protection Plan
  • Gear & Gadgets
  • Violent Encounters & the Aftermath

The Legal Use of Force

Some of the other topics we cover on this course include:
  • Physiological Reactions
  • Personal Safety
  • Violent Encounters
  • Handgun Operation & Selection
  • Handgun Fundamentals

Handgun Safety

If you are thinking about owning a gun or carrying one for self-defense purposes, this course is for you. It will teach you everything you need to know, from the basics of firearms ownership to safety.

The goal of this course is to help you feel confident if you need to defend your family in the event of any critical accident.

Shop Firearms

We offer a wide selection of guns, gun accessories, and more right here in Westland, MI. You can count on our shop to help you find exactly the right firearm you are looking for.

Whether you collect guns or are looking for something to carry for self-defense, we have your match in Westland. After all, we offer one of Westland’s largest selection of high-quality firearms for purchase.

Some of the brand names we have in our inventory include:

  • Glock
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Feel free to stop in and check with us as we continue to receive new inventory. Our friendly associates are dedicated to helping you choose the right firearm that not only matches your budget, but also your wants and needs.

We can also walk you through the process of choosing the right gun, filling out paperwork, and completing gun transfers.

Shooting Range

We Repair Guns

If your gun is malfunctioning, feel free to stop in or shop and let us take a look at it. We can inspect your gun for some of the following:
  • Worn sear edges
  • Firing-pin tips deformed
  • Improper assembly
  • Cracks
  • Missing parts
  • Bore obstructions
  • Improper timing
  • Improper headspace
  • Safety mechanism malfunctions
If you’d like more information, or have any questions, contact us today.